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Jim Croce Lyrics

Mount Ranier

"Well things were spinnin' round me, and all my thoughts were cloudy. I had begun to doubt all the things that were me. Been in so many places. You know I've run so many races .something is just not right...'cause I know that I gotta get out of here. I'm so alone Don't you know that I gotta get out of here, 'cause New York's not my home. Though all the streets are crowded. There's something strange about it. I lived there 'bout a year and I never once felt at home. I thought I'd make the big time.I learned a lot of lessons awful quick and now I'm tellin' you that they were not the nice kind And it's been so long since I have felt fine..."- Jim Croce, New Yorks Not My Home

"My only boss was the clock on the wall and my only friend, never really was a friend at all. I've traded love for pennies, sold my soul for less. Lost my ideas in that long tunnel of time. And I've turned inside out and around about and back and then found myself right back where I started again"-Jim Croce, Age

"I was searching all the time for something that I'd never lost or left behind."- Jim Croce, Age

"I've overcome the blow, I've learned to take it well. I only wish my words could just convince myself that it just wasn't real. But that's not the way it feels." Jim Croce, Operator

"Ive had my share of broken dreams, and more than a couple of falls. And when chasing what I thought were moonbeams, Ive run into a couple of walls. But in looking back at the lessons Ive learned and the mountains Ive gotten to climb, Ill sure be the first to say I wouldnt have done it any other way." Jim Croce, Hard Way Every Time

"Once we were lovers, but somehow things have changed. Now were just lonely people trying to forget each others names. What came between us? Maybe we were just too young to know." Jim Croce, Dreaming Again

"Friday nights, drinking beer and laughing. Somehow things were always right. Just dont know what happened."-Jim Croce, Alabama Rain

"Tomorrows just a dream away, and today has turned to dust." Jim Croce, One Less Set of Footsteps

"Enough of telling stories and our well meaning lies"- Jim Croce, The Way we Used to Be

"If thats the way you want it, well thats the way I want it more."- Jim Croce, One Less Set of Footsteps